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I always feel stumped when trying to write something about myself. It's not that I couldn't vomit some words onto the page about what I believe in, who I trust, the things I like to do and the people I care about. Maybe a picture or two of my dogs and maybe one of myself. But lately I've been doing a lot of self reflection, trying to figure out who I am today. It's easy to get trapped in the labels we have assigned to ourselves yesterday, last week, last year. It would be easy to wave my hand in the air and say "I'm me, nothing more, nothing less." but that reaks of pretention and a lack of understanding about who I am underneath the cool and collected facade that's rarely cool or collected.


What I think I really struggle with is finding the line between authenticty and trying to be authentic to the point where authenticity is lost. What a dumb concept anyways, we are only what we say we are, the actions we take, and the things we create. It's nice knowing no one will read this other than Davis but still putting thoughts out into the world. Guess thats why people like social media. For how much I complain about social media this whole page could easily be condensed and posted on a timeline. Maybe not enough drama but it would fit in all the same.